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2017 Starr Syrah

2017 Starr Syrah

The 2017 Starr marks the 15th vintage of this special blend. Longtime fans know that the Starr is and always has been a blend of 78% Syrah and 22% Sangiovese. The 2017 marks the first vintage using the very special Syrah of May’s Discovery Vineyard in the Horse Heaven Hills. The dense, savory Syrah is complimented wonderfully by the red raspberry and black pepper notes of the Boushey Vineyard Sangiovese. Blending Sangiovese into Syrah lifts the wine and makes it lively and delicious. Named after David and Cindy’s Vizsla, Starr, who was brought home at 8 weeks old just a day before they began their inaugural crush in 2002. Starr is no longer with us, but her memory lives on through this crowd-pleasing wine. A unique new world blend this vintage is a silky blend of savory Syrah favors with bright fruited Sangiovese.

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